Cross pollinating outreach ideas

I just heard a story about browser extensions in chrome that are used to replace one set of words with another, usually for comedic effect.

That got me thinking.

I have long said that there are affinities between higher education and communities of faith and ministry.

(By the way, "Highridge Acacian" would be a great name for a band or academy. Or cemetery. Or maybe a paint color for your kitchen. Thanks, Siri!)

Anyway, what my next spare time project will be is to try out one of these extensions and use it to swap words in writings from one domain and see if they can be easily transformed into advice or insight for the other domain.

For instance, I love the model of engagement laid out by Man in the Mirror ministries. What happens when you do a find and replace, and take every reference of "men" and turn it into "faculty"? Most men have such and such a concern, in order to reach men effectively you need to do this and that, etc. I bet the same advice would apply to faculty and might sound brilliant and radical, if you simply replaced one word.


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