Today's "what's this company?" mystery: Safer Alcohol

Safer Alcohol (@saferalcohol)
Why Is The Government Hiding A Safer Way To Drink Alcohol From Us?…

I have to admit, Twitter's ad targeting is pretty good, because more often than not when sponsored tweet shows up in my feed.... I find worthy of exploration.

That happened this morning when the video clip from "safer alcohol" appeared.

It turns out that the organization sponsoring it is the "Coalition For Safer Drinking" and the link is to an informational website at  But unless their website simply isn't mobile optimized, which would be unfortunate for an organization advertising on Twitter, there isn't much information on their informational site.

And there's no call to action, so other than keeping a note of the site somewhere in my bookmarks (or Evernote or OneNote a text file in Dropbox or some other place I'll lose track of it) I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

The video references some repressed government research, and I'm always up for a good conspiracy theory, but I can't find what research they're talking about – it sounded good on video, but I don't know how or where I can read more.

The site's terms of service – privacy fine-print that explains things like cookie policy – says it's governed by the laws of Arizona, which seems strange for someone based in St. Louis. But the media contact for press inquiries is "Linda" at ""

That's interesting. They're based in White Plains, New York (so where is this Arizona thing coming from?) and they write:

We're Product Launchers, a company that has introduced products from outdoor tossing games and fleece lined leggings to the multi-million dollar As Seen on TV product, STRUTZ arch supports. We're not manufacturer's representatives. We're entrepreneurs that know how to garner placement in stores, catalogs and on home shopping networks. And our approach is different.

Yes, so far they're very different!

This light drinker is still intrigued, but not for the same reason I was a few minutes ago...


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