I figured I'd better blog this, or I'd never remember it. Hit MP3.com and look up Amethystium, which is a really, really cool group. I liked them so much I downloaded their MP3s and burned a CD (perfectly legally, mind you -- that's what MP3.com is about!) Here are the lyrics to what I think is probably my favorite song...

Obscure Lyrics Amethystium - Autumn Interlude (feat. Joyelle Brandt of Sonicjoy)
Feels like I could reach up into dark October skies
Scoop up seven of Orion's stars, hold them like shiny diamonds
Then I turn and return to a world less than I'd like it to be
Strange thoughts staring at the stars on an autumn's night
Lyrics by Steven Hewitt.


BennyZen said…
you genius!
was wondering all the time what my favorite song is talking about.

love it even more now.
big thx

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