The Aquin Online / I've been pondering an article that appears in the center spread of the November 19th Aquin. In a discussion of Mel Gibson's "The Passion", Ian Connel quotes a theology professor (Kin Vrudny) and ends up making an interesting assertion:

"Although each of the four gospels has an underlying theme, Vrudny said, the theme of Gibson’s interpretation of the passion was unclear. Gibson presents a precritical fundamentalist perspective, perhaps ignoring some of the modern scholarship that constitutes today’s interpretation. Jesus is portrayed as a superhero when, according to scripture, he was tried, flogged only with a cane and crucified no differently than any other common criminal." (emphasis mine)

First of all, that's an interesting way of writing that presents one individual's assertion as fact. But let's ignore that.

Can anyone quote to me the "scripture" that says Jesus was "flogged only with a cane"? I can't find it. I know He was flogged by the Romans, and I know that Roman flogging wasn't a whack or two with a cane. Basic history tells you that. But let's leave that aside for the moment...

And I assume every criminal brought before Roman authorities was given a robe, crown of thorns, and a sign prolaiming him"King of the Jews"?

You can say you don't beleive that any of that was done for Jesus. I disagree with you, but at least you're acknowledging the reality of the claims and then choosing to reject them. But to say that scripture doesn't even claim that Jesus' crucifiction was something out of the ordinary is incredible!


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