St. Paul Pioneer Press | 01/06/2005 | State school ratings deceiving: "Some critics say that as scores on nationally benchmarked tests start to come out, states with a small number of schools labeled underperforming 'will be embarrassed into creating a higher bar,' said Monty Neill, co-executive director of Fairtest, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit group that seeks improved standardized testing. 'Whether they do that remains to be seen. But once they do, they'll have more schools on (the list).'"

This is insane. Let me get this straight. People are going to look at the fact that "A full 24 percent of Minnesota's public schools are not meeting the state's standards for adequate yearly progress", and say, "Wow! What great educational standards Minnesota has! They're so great, they're bad! Not like those other states, that are so bad, they look good!"

NCLB is the dumbest law ever. At least the DMCA had a strong lobby pushing it and it benefits someone (at the expense of others). NCLB benefits nobody, at the expense of everybody, and it seems designed to give a free pass to schools that need work and punish schools that don't.

Dumb, dumb, dumb!


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