Apple Bites The Fans That Feed It / You always sue the ones you love, right? My official prediction (because I like to exercise my cynical side once in awhile) is that Apple is upset because this rumor is false, not becuase it's true, and we're not going to see a $500 headless Mac at MWSF.

My secondary prediction is that Apple stock will tank becuase folks will start down-rating it when "Apple can't come through".

I'm less confident about the stock prediction becuase Apple stock values make no sense at all.


Rob said…
Well, I was thinking of posting that I agreed with your daring prediction, but after waiting it out I can only say I am glad I didn't....

Here it is the Mac Mini
emlarson said…
Fair enough. Though, here's something to ponder. (And fair warning that this is pure conspiracy-theory brainstorming off the top of my head.) Why is it that such a big thing is coming, not in months, not right now, but in two weeks? Maybe because they had an entry-level price-point of $599 with different features (bigger HD, processor, whatever) and had to rush a stripped-down version into production to meet the $499 price. So, in a way, my original prediction was almost correct! :)

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