The Simpsons Archive: The Bart File / Which is worse: A cartoon character depicted as actually mooning authority figures, or a game player pretending to moon obscenity-hurling game fans during a notorious "border battle" of a simple football game?

One, FOX celebrates. The other, FOX reviles. Can you tell which is which?

I would have more respect for the FOX network and their commentators' "outrage" at Randy Moss' conduct if it weren't for the fact that FOX has made mooning a familiar event in this country's entertainment programming -- and has profited nicely from it.

If FOX's play-by-play commentators are so offended at that kind of behavior, I assume they'll turn in their resignations now that I've pointed out the secret that such "offensive behavior" is FOX's bread and butter?

Probably not.

I'm glad to see that the NFL has finally confirmed what I've said for years: What used to be a genuine sport has sunk to the level of professional wrestling, now complete with a new Gene Okerlund (several Genes, actually) to tell the fans when they should feel "outraged".

(Besides, it's not like Randy Moss was doing this in a conservative, professional setting... say, the United Nations, where he would have to engage in the far more mature conduct of wearing a sidearm or banging his shoe on the table.)


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