Interestingly, one of the most popular search hits to this blog is "Kari Byron". In case you don't know, she's one of the crew of Mythbusters, which is one of the coolest shows on TV at the moment. There's very little information on the 'Net about her, which is probably why her desperate fans come here. Sorry, guys (and gals, I suppose, but probably mostly guys)... I don't know anything more than you do.

But the theory in a recent episode about ancient batteries that that they may be been tied to idols or shrines to create a "religious experience" for worshipers was a very interesting hypothesis! I'd always assumed that batteries were used for electroplating, but the Mythbusters theory is a good one!Posted by Hello

UPDATE (June 2007): I've moved all my Kari Byron commentary over to a different site; you're welcome to browse around here... but for anything new, check out the Kari Byron category on


Rob said…
I didn't realize you were a Mythbuster lover.

Brandi and I, but mostly I these days, will watch the episodes. Brandi doesn't care for the Build Team, and neither do I really. They are painful to watch and most of the myths they test are well, boring and they aren't as fun to watch as Jamie and Adam. I have found myself fast forwarding through the build team antics many a time to get to the real fun. The best thing they have done was to try to jump the bike.

Brandi and I also preferred the first season format over the new format of spliting the myths into several sections. Hooking the audience into the big myth at the beginning and then making you wait until the very end for the pay off.

Love the show, but recently the science behind the myth is a little on the little side and the myths well they just aren't as interesting...

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