OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan / Okay, one more Terry Schiavo posting, now that her feeding tube has been removed. (But that's happened before, and she simply refuses to starve to death in an expedient fashion. How selfish of her!)

Peggy Noonan pleas with our Republican congress, but that's misplaced; they've run out of options. Federal charges against Michael Schiavo for civil rights violations (dealing with whether he was criminally involved in her current fate) would be an interesting option, but nobody seems to want to go there and I have to assume they have good reasons.

Anyway, as Peggy puts it...

"There's just about no one on the other side. Or rather there is one person, a disaffected husband who insists Terri once told him she didn't want to be kept alive by extraordinary measures. He has fought the battle to kill her with a determination that at this point seems not single-minded or passionate but strange... So politically this is a struggle between many serious people who really mean it and one, just one, strange-o. And the few bearded and depressed-looking academics he's drawn to his side."


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