Okay, so here's my bright idea (which, if I were a typical corporate suit, I would patent so nobody could use it). SMIL is a language for tying together various media clips (video, audio, photos, text, etc.) The RealPlayer folks jumped on it, but it works just fine with an MP3 that's sitting out on a server. (In fact, its files have to sit on a server; it's not like you compile all your stuff into a single SMIL file. SMIL is just a text file that describes when to launch particular elements.)

Anyway, this means that you could tie podcasts (or lectures or anything you want) to a SMIL slideshow. So in addition to putting an MP3 on a server for audio, you'd put a SMIL file out there, and anyone listening to the audio from a computer (rather than an MP3 player) could see the pictures synched up to the audio if they chose.

The next step would be to tie all that to an Apple iPod Photo and see if you could have a synchronized slideshow to match up with the MP3. I think that it only syncs based on a set time (e.g. 20 seconds per image) so the content author would have to make sure there were enough pictures (but no more) to run one every 20 seconds. Hmmm...

Well, first things first....


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