Today's lunch; try to contain your excitement! Posted by Hello

So here's the deal. In playing with stuff, I've encountered and Picasa -- Picasa being Google's photo-based work in the "scan your hard drive and catalog stuff" field. Those technologies pair up and join Blogger, and what you end up with is an "easy" way of posting photos to a blog.

I had to go the Picasa route because the app only accepts JPGs and the little USB pen-camera that we got for going to a timeshare presentation (long story) only outputs BMPs. (Frankly, we're lucky it outputs that much!)

So, you can upload a photo with a caption, and then I popped back into Blogger to add this fascinating explanation. Aside from the fact that Picasa ground my laptop into the dirt as it tried to scan through the hard drive, it seems like a fairly workable prospect... and provides some material for the whole SMIL/MP3 thing.


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