A brief thought on heaven...

Brian Hardin from the Daily Audio Bible just emailed Christmas greetings and wrote:

"I remember a year ago writing to everyone and saying how I wish I could sit with you over a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the richness of your story.?? I wish there were time to linger over God's faithfulness in each of our stories and ponder the future's path. Unfortunately some of those wishes may have to wait for now.?? Maybe one day."
Which got me thinking... Will we have "conversations" with fellow Christians in heaven? If so, why say "Maybe one day" (assuming, for the sake of argument, that your audience is truly Christian)?

My pastor has emphasized how there will be "work" there and that it's a redeemed world/life rather than just floating on a cloud with a harp... But will it be like "life, only better" or it will be a completely inconceivable "oneness with God"?

A rather deep topic on Christmas, which kinda represents the other end of the spectrum...


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