The Perfect Storm

I was one of those "pre-qualified shoppers" on Wednesday, trying to
get in and out of Best Buy as quickly as possible, having decided
exactly what I wanted...

Anyway, an interesting article here on shopping in general (and mall
kiosks in particular) from a local marketer...

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The Perfect Storm

Dear Eric,

Seasons Greetings from Minneapolis!

I've been a little quiet the last couple of weeks because
I got the chance to open a cart in the Minneapolis area at
the last minute... for the last nine days before Christmas.

I just finished those last nine days.

There were lots of challenges opening at the last minute,
and I'm looking forward to perhaps sharing with you the
stories of some of these challenges.

One of the challenges that faced all the retailers here in
the Twin Cities areas were reports of a huge blizzard that
was to hit Minneapolis this Wednesday, the 23rd.

What started as a Winter Storm Advisory melded into
a full-out Winter Storm Warning.

People were advised not to travel unless it was
completely necessary.

The concern at the mall was that shoppers wouldn't turn
out for the last couple of shopping days before Christmas,
normally amongst the busiest.. due to the weather.

As it turned out, we experienced what I think of as almost
"The Perfect Storm" for us as retailers.

Reports of snow to come late on Wednesday afternoon and
evening caused shoppers to come out earlier than they might
have on Wednesday.

The result was that mall traffic was more spread throughout
the day... rather than coming in an intense burst in the evening.

That was perfect for us... because it was easier for our staff
to sell to a steady stream of customers.... as opposed to an
intense burst of them coming all at the end.

In a way, reports of snow also 'pre-qualified' shoppers.

The shoppers that did 'brave' the snow, seemed to be the
most motivated of shoppers.

If they were at the mall, they NEEDED to buy something.

That's in part why I think of this storm that hit Minneapolis
as the 'Perfect Storm' for us as holiday retailers.

We had the buying urgency of the storm... on top of the
already existing buying urgency of Christmas.

That resulted in shoppers who were even more ready to
buy. One of my salespeople remarked they could feel it!

Once the snow did start coming down late in the afternoon
on Wednesday... it wasn't so bad... by Minnesota standards.

People could get out if they wanted to.

So shoppers kept coming out all evening.

It turned out to be the best sales day of my short season!

The snow did stop sometime in the middle of the night,
earlier in the morning on the 24th.

By Thursday morning, main streets were largely plowed.

So when shoppers peeked their heads out on Thursday
morning, they decided they could make it out to the mall
again if they wanted to.

And the 24th was another steady sales day.

Who knows... perhaps without the storm... even more
customers might have come out the mall.

As it was, it turned out perfect!

Thanks to The Perfect Storm

How was your holiday season?

Did it go well? What were your challenges?

If you get the chance, drop me a line. Fill me in on
how things went for you.

Be sure to include what you were selling. And what
malls or area you were in.

Perhaps I'll share some of the best replies I get back!


That's it for today.

I hope you've had a great Christmas holiday.

And are ready for another busy shopping day coming
up tomorrow!


Brady Flower


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