On Angels and Emergence

Two brief, unrelated thoughts to-be-journaled later.

1) Yesterday's daily Bible reading came to Daniel where the angel appears to him and says he was detained by the "prince of Persia" -- a competing demon, according to John Eldredge. Something I've not studied much but want to. Matthew 18 spends much time talking about angels and their acts/hopes/conduct, from the mouth of Jesus Himself. I think the evangelical church has ignored "angelology" and, while I think it's quite odd and "spooky," it's incredibly Biblical.

2) I'm just starting to read "How (Not) to Speak of God" by Peter Rollins, which talks of the "emerging church" as being on a "journey" in the context of wandering OT prophets who seemed strange to their culture. But when I read Paul (and others in the NT), the theme seems to be "That's all been fulfilled; now it's the goal-goal-goal of Jesus and Christ-likeness. Clear as a bell!" Am I mis-reading the NT, or is the emerging church (accidentally or intentionally) overlooking that aspect?


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