Pondering relationships

I've been meaning to post an interesting "juxtaposition" that happened to me a few days ago. As I wrote once on Facebook (part of one of those "X-many random things about me" memes) that I care very deeply about people... but they probably don't know it.

On the same morning, I got two emails from friends that were pretty close a dozen years ago; we're still on great terms but just aren't in touch much. One replied to a mass-mail I sent to a group -- and we're getting together for lunch today.

The other guy confirmed what I'd feared from some Facebook evidence: he and his wife are separated and planning to divorce.

The former is an illustration of how "the church" works: after years, we still share a connection. The latter is an example of how "the church" fails. This couple shouldn't be splitting up. Something went wrong. His friends should have been able to help him. We didn't even know anything was wrong... and while there's no animosity toward them, I worry that the situation betrays a frightening level of "active indifference" toward the relationship.

Its not my job to "fix it," but I wish there were something I could do to turn back the clock...


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