A Consuming Experience: Technorati tags: an introduction

Not only is this a good commentary on Technorati stuff (which I still don't get, but that's just because I haven't applied my brain to it yet) but it also talks about some other interesting "folksonomy" issues as well:

A Consuming Experience: Technorati tags: an introduction

Basically, I keep struggling with the push/pull give-and-take of information on the Internet. Just when something like del.icio.us comes along and I figure, "Ah! The wisdom of the masses will help us to parse and sort information!", it gets really popular and starts sagging under its own weight and we need someone like an individual podcaster or bogger to say, "Here's some interesting stuff."

Or maybe we just wait for inspiration to strike out of the blue, then do a Google search on the topic, and keep what we learn to ourselves? :)


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