Ginger Alexander (and team) are nice people!

I only caught the tail end of a recent episode the first time around, so I'm glad it popped up again and I was able to PVR it (ooh! a new verb!).

The basic deal is that the Trademark Properties team buys a house that's supposedly empty... but the former owners are still living in it. So rather than being nasty (which they could be), they put the owners up in a motel (if memory serves) and plan to fix up the house and sell it back to them.

And, from what I recall, they're really not doing it to pull a fast one; they're honestly nice, well-intentioned folks.

Yay, Ginger! (And Richard, and Dawn... and the whole gang, really!)

Hmmmm... Think Ginger would do a podcast interview? Probably more likely than Kari Byron. :)


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