Victimizing the victims

Just came across the Pioneer Press story Somalis fall victim to tax fraud.

So, Ruth and I were trying to figure out... what's the government (via the IRS) going to do to these fraud victims?

Take their money? They don't have any!
Deport them? Back to the country from which they fled as refugees?
Imprison them? All of them?
Imprison just the heads of household? So that the rest of the family goes on welfare?

Looks like the options are either immoral or fiscally stupid... but, frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if our government can figure out a way to be both immoral and fiscally stupid on this one.

Bring on the McCain flat tax, so that people have a fighting chance of understanding their tax returns!


Norman Larson said…
Just cadme across ...

Wha's a cadme?
emlarson said…
Just an extra "d" in "came". I usually scatter spare letters around in case someone leaves one out in a comment.


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