How are laws made?

Okay, apparently I didn't pay enough attention to the "I'm Just A Bill" segment on Schoolhouse rock.

I read in the article NPR : Congress Creates Lawsuit Shield for Vaccine Makers: "But hours after the conference was officially closed, Frist prevailed on House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) to insert more than 40 pages of legislative language creating the liability shield, in violation of both the House and Senate rules. "

So, here's my question: How can someone do something that's truly "in violation of both House and Senate Rules"?

I mean, why not say, "Well, I know that we just took a vote and the bill didn't pass... but let's say it did!" But we don't hear of that ever happening, do we?

Either NPR's guilty of hyperbole and it's not truly a "violation of rules", or Frist and Hastert are guilty of a crime... or "House and Senate rules" don't mean anything at all.



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