More creative SPAM

I just kinda like this one, I have to admit. Here it is, verbatim, except that I clipped out destination e-mail (which wasn't mine -- I must have been on the BCC) and obscured the sender (because it's probably someone at an innocent domain):

-----Original Message-----
From: Earlene Rogers [mailto:HQEHZETUXBI[at]]
Sent: Friday, December 02, 2005 5:53 PM
To: [someone else at my work domain]
Subject: let's meet bypass


I am moving to w.ork in the USA for 12 weeks
may be we can meet each other and have some fun time
or may be more. I am looking forward to receiving your message
to my personal email
I will reply with a p.ic.
I am nice girl

Do not freply to this email. WriteF to me directly.

nih vectorial compact confabulate fulsome craw allay athlete married jesse toe appendage conducive bloop clearance glans levis

Okay, got that? Don't reply -- e-mail me, where I just happen to have the e-mail address of "cuttie". Nice. Or should I say, "". Or is that, "Nic.e"?

Maybe I'm just in a weird mood, but this struck me as particularly silly. And I wonder which athlete married Jesse's toe appendage, and what happened to it to make it conductive? Hmmm.


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