ARGGGGG! AdSense "creates low atmospheric pressure"

educating eric: Coupons are the key? Coupons have nothing to do with "True Religion Jeans"!!! Why is it that when my wife posts to her blog (which is now has the exact same template as mine, she gets adds for coupon sites (and even one to "kill crabgrass"!!!) and the only break I get from a "start your own blog" ad is one for True Religion Jeans?!?

Something is seriously, seriously messed up with Google's AdSense! I'm very happy for my wife, and I know how these get-rich-quick people make their money (becuase they can argue that, with the right Title tags and such, AdSense is a wonderful thing by using sites like my wife's as an example) but, for my site, it doesn't work at all! NOT AT ALL!

Same, exact site... totally different behavior. What's that all about?!?

Any thoughts out there? Enjoying my angst? :)


Ruth Larson said…
Remember when I was going to buy stock in "True Religion Apparel" and then I bought that other company instead? Maybe Google knows . . . :) -Eric's wife
Rob said…
Loving the angst... and am considering puting adsense on my blog just to have some fun...

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