"Home-schooling lets kids realize their potential"

Times have changed since my homeschooling days, according to Katherine Kersten: Home-schooling lets kids realize their potential. But what hasn't changed is the driving principle behind it: "What Jessica loved most about home-schooling was the opportunity to pursue her interests avidly. Her mother puts it this way: 'We didn't have to close the history book at 11:45.' "


Norman Larson said…
Our son was home-schooled for many years. He started at a Montessori school when he was 3 years old.

When he was ready for first grade, he tested into the gifted program of the St. Paul Public School System.
That was a disaster! He stayed there only 6 months,
and then we asked the Montessori school to take him

That school, CCM -- Children's Center Montessori, kept children through grade 3. After that our son was home-schooled -- mainly through the efforts of my wife.

He scored a 30 on the ACT when he was ready to enroll in college. He had really high points on everything except math. As I recall, he had a 26 in math, which brought his total score to 30.

He enrolled at the University of St. Thomas, and
excelled as a student. He majored in philosophy and
graduated summa cum laude. Recently, he completed work for his M.A. in human resource development at St. Thomas.

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