You'd think I'd have learned by now. But here I am, wasting my evening filling out rebates for a webcam I bought my folks. And I love my folks, so I'm glad I got them the camera... but the fact I'm stuck filling out rebates is due to my own cheapness. ("Frugality," I guess I should say.)

And what's killing me is the fact that I have to photocopy EVERYTHING because you just know that somewhere, somehow, these companies are going to manage to "lose" your paperwork.

As I told Ruth moments ago, "I never thought I could have such burning hatred for pieces of paper." Now, to be fair, I'm really not experiencing "hatred"... but a whole lot of frustration! Ick!


Rob said…
Not to douse your anger toward rebates, but I have had some success recently with Best Buy and Toshiba. Brandi's laptop had two rebates totally 300 dollars and we got both the checks within a few weeks.

On the other had, I still haven't received my 10 dollar gift card to CompUSA for buying Turbotax. The web site says all is well and I will be getting the card within the terms and conditions of the offer.
Rob said…
Darn Blogger has a limit of text!

I would love to see the terms and conditions to figure out if I would get the card in time for next years turbotax season which is all that makes since considering I bought the software in January and sent the rebate the same week. The IRS is quicker!

At least, we got the 300 dollars. A 10 dollar gift card at CompUSA will probably end up in a purchase of 50 dollars.

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