Google hates me again...

The AdSense ads on my main page are now a steady stream of Public Service announcements. Not that I have anything against them (though the ones that show don't relate to my blog content in any way, shape or form, which defeats the whole point of putting ads on your site so you have additional "relevant content", but I digress.)

The only logical explanation at this point is that, because of my complaint about Blogger stats, I've now developed bad Google Karma and I have to pay that off by doing some unknown series of actions before my "real ads" will come back. That makes about as much sense as anything else.

I feel really, really sorry for people who are trying to make any sort of living off of their ads! Playing the stock market is more reliable than this!

(Now that I've said all that, I'm sure that brilliantly appropriate ads are right around the corner for me... right?)


Norman Larson said…
Why do you run ads? Do you get paid to do so -- i.e., just for running an ad for an ad?

When a viewer clicks on an ad, does the advertiser get charged?

Do you get paid every time someone clicks on an ad?
emlarson said…
An overview of the AdSense program is available at Google's site.
Ruth Larson said…
Now you've got eating disorders at the top and blog stuff on the bottom . . .and no the eating disorder ones aren't PSAs . . .

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