Sleeping Toddler: My favorite savings account

The thing that triggered my insight about page titles was a post (Sleeping Toddler: My favorite savings account) that Ruth made. When you're on the main page, you get references to sleep-aids for toddlers (usually). But when you click this link and see just the savings account post, you'll get ads for savings accounts.

The deal is, the post title is populated into the page title. That's the secret to getting the proper ads served... I think.

So why isn't it working for me? Either it takes awhile for the servers to catch onto the new title, or there's a difference in the ad block style between her site and mine, or my site title really is confusing things, or my template is hosed. If I cared, I'd be frustrated, but I don't, so it's getting to be entertaining at this point.

(It does explain, BTW, why the Ericast blog was constantly putting up ads for people to download television shows; every post begins with the word "Episode".)


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