Feedburner is still awesome!

Those of you who listen to my podcast know I use a service called Feedburner to clean up the RSS feed and make it podcast-ready. And I love them -- friendly, responsive, nice attitude, great service, all that good stuff. So it surprised the heck out of me when I came across Leo Laporte's blog entry that bashed them to pieces for revealing Leo's TWiT podcast stats, in apparent violation of their own privacy policy.

Well, Leo was wrong.

Here's his apology: It's Not Their Fault | this WEEK in TECH. Long story short, Leo had made his stats public by enabling the "publicize my stats" option in his Feedburner feed. And once they're public, they're public, so one of Feedburner's VPs had no problem commenting on a statistic that Leo already made available to the world.

Sounds fine by me, but Feedburner has wisely decided to just not comment about anything anymore, pretty much. Sad, but I guess that's how you have to run a business that targets niche markets where a few players can reach certain audiences and make a huge impact.

So, even though my voice doesn't count for much... Keep up the great work, Feeburner folks!


Eric Lunt said…
Thank you, Eric ... we appreciate the support!

Eric Lunt
CTO, FeedBurner

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