Illiterate deception from the FRC

The Family Research Council has both guns blazing with their “anti-.XXX domain” campaign. Impressive. I wonder how many people will put blind faith in the FRC’s headline and will think that their work (for which they’re happy to take donations, BTW) will “Stop the XXX Porn Industry Dead In Its Tracks NOW”?

I won’t even mention their bad math (because, of course, we know that creating a new domain is going to double the amount of porn on the ‘Net, right?) or their demand that people turn their e-mail into chain-letter SPAM on their behalf. Wow!

Their plea is below, typos and all – though I wonder if the FRC made a Freudian slip in the hope they can “loose millions in profit” and make that money flow their direction?

(Note that the lack of paragraph formatting is thanks to the new Blogger for Word plug-in, which doesn't seem to work exactly as intended... but it's close!)

We Can Stop the XXX Porn Industry Dead In Its Tracks NOWAugust 18, 2005
The Bush Administration is listening to you! It put a temporary halt on plans to establish the .XXX domain, the special haven on the Internet for the porn industry. FRC has been battling this deceptive .XXX domain for the past two months, since it was announced by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the governing agency for the internet. We've met with key people at the Commerce Department, which has jurisdiction over ICANN, and we asked you to send letters and emails to President Bush and ICANN, telling them to stop the .XXX domain. And thanks to your letters and emails, the Bush Administration announced this week that "due to unprecedented opposition" (that means from YOU), it asked ICANN to halt the process for one month and reconsider. We now have until September 15 to pressure ICANN to kill the .xxx Domain. The .XXX domain was never intended to force the porn industry to leave the .COM domain, which has been extremely profitable for pornographers. Instead it would allow pornographers to continue to sell hardcore, illegal porn on the .COM domain and expand to the .XXX domain. That means perhaps twice as many Internet porn sites and twice the danger to children. In other words, it would not make the web safer for children; it would make it more dangerous. But now the porn industry will be fighting back. They know that they stand to loose millions in profits if the .XXX domain is killed in the September 15 vote by ICANN. We must act fast and in force! You can help stop the porn industry from expanding by sending another message to ICANN now saying, "Stop the .XXX domain." I also need you to forward this to your friends and family today. Let's stop the porn industry. Remember, the vote is September 15, so we must act fast!


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