Nigerian Scammers love me!

Hey, I know they're a scam (one of many recent articles on the topic can be found at Technology - But doesn't it give you a warm feeling to have someone address you as "Sir" -- that never happens to me! -- and say kind things, like...

"I am contacting you believing you are a honest and trustworthy person.I believe you will not betray the confidence I am willing to repose in you, for me to have contacted you even though we've not met before."

Awwwwww. That's sweet! I've never had so much confidence reposed in me before. Not even by my wife, who's pretty good at reposing.


Norman Larson said…
Hi, Eric!

Are you getting the Nigerian messages on your UST account? I have received several in recent days, and they do not come through classifieid by the "Mail Marshal" as scam. Maybe the Nigerian scammers think that people at educational institutions, particualy Catholic ones, will be sympathetic to their plight.

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