Justin Taylor on Abortion

Someone joked on Justin Taylor's blog that, if anyone should represent "evangelical thought", it's not Pat Robertson or Jim Dobson but Justin himself. Here's an example of his writing as published in World Magazine - Weekly News | Christian Views


Citizen O said…
My life would be so much easier if only I had a monopoly on objective moral truth like Mr. Taylor.

Is a small Iraqi child less of a person, if he finds himself in the path of a bullet shot by the troops of an invading oil-hungry nation? OR, is it that our christo-con president determined that his plans for Iraq were were higher priorities than preserving the lives of innocent civilians who would inevitably die as a result of his CHOICE to invade?

Does a Texas serial killer not meet the standards for being biologically alive? OR, is the killer's execution a justice - one that outweighs the sanctity of the killer's life? So if some life is more sacred than others, where does Mr. Taylor draw THAT line?

The "culture of life" really only refers to certain types of life... And certainly never when it's politically inconvenient. That's one reason why that particular slogan landed with such a loud thud amidst the political exploitation of Terry Schiavo's death.

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