Goodbye, Peter Jennings

The news this morning, topping the story about the shuttle that just can't seem to land, is that ABC News anchor Peter Jennings dies of cancer - Yahoo! News.

I remember Peter Jennings reporting from the London bureau -- Dad would comment on his not-quite-British, but-not-really-Canadian accent -- and remember when he started anchoring the news in 1983. That's where that photo is from -- that's how I think of Peter Jennings.

(I also remember when Dan Rather replaced Walter Cronkite as CBS anchor. Funny, but I don't remember much about Tom Brokaw until he was an established anchor; we must not have been an NBC family.)


Norman Larson said…
Eric, you have a fantastic memory. I cannot remember saying what you quoted me as saying, but I am sure you are accurate. You have a photographic memory. I used to have a photographic memory, too, but as one of my friends has said more than once, "I am running out of film."

We have watched CBS for years. I liked Peter Jennings of ABC and watched him from time to time. I am not sure why we did not watch NBC's Tom Brokaw except that he was on Ch. 11, which used to be sub-standard and did not go forward greatly until Paul Magers became anchor there. By then, we were too attached to Don Shelby and 'CCO-TV. Besides, Don Shelby was an adjunct journalism instructor at St. Thomas.

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