Kirsten Kemp's early sitcom days?

UPDATE: Be sure to check out this post where you can find a screen capture of "Rhonda".

So, folks, why are we interested in finding clips of Kirsten Kemp's early, early acting career on Saved by the Bell when she played "Rhonda Robistelli"? Because it would be a hoot (technical term) to see the following phrases coming out of her mouth, courtesy of the site Saved By The Bell Quote of the Day by Steve Carey:

"The Rhonda Robistelli Compendium, Chapter 1

Rhonda: "Hey Zackee! Hey, what's da rush, button-nose?"

Rhonda: 'Hey Zackee, we gotta talk, hunk o' mine. (To the gang) That boy has got one cute behind, oo!

Rhonda: "Sure, take five. I'll go wash my face and floss (wink) for later."

Rhonda: "Mom's visiting dad in the slammer, and we got the house all to ourselves."

Zack: "I don't kiss on the first date."
Rhonda: "Whoo-hoo, good thing for us - I DO."

(You can find the DVD on Amazon).


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