Pat Robertson = Jim Dobson?

Reading more in that Christianity Today article, you come across a quote about the 700 Club from Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals: "You know his program has one section of it that's a Christian exhortation, and then another section where he's a political pundit."

Absolutely. And at leat Pat Robertson is somewhat transparent about that. Not nearly transparent enough, but he does a much better job than Jim Dobson.

What do I have against Jim Dobson? For those of you who forget, do a quick Google search for Dobson's connection to the NRB and Wayne Pederson, who was elected the president of the National Religious Broadcasters before Dobson led a coup that ousted him in 2002.

(Ooh! Robertson likes coups -- as long as he dislikes the leader being ousted, that is. Maybe he and Dobson can get together and talk about Chavez?)

Anyway, what did Pederson do to earn the Wrath of Jim? He gave an interview to the Star Tribune in which he said:

"But what's probably more disturbing to me is that evangelicals are identified politically more than theologically. We get associated with the far Christian right and marginalized. To me the important thing is to keep focus on what's important to us spiritually. We're all entitled to our political views, and evangelicals tend to gravitate toward more conservative politics, but sometimes in taking our stands we've allowed ourselves to be typecast and the effectiveness spiritually has been diminished."

Amen! And "Duh!", too -- this is a no-brainer statement in today's world, akin to saying the sky is blue.

But Jim Dobson didn't like that. So he called up Jerry Falwell and 18 other "Godly leaders" and orchestrated a vote of no-confidence to oust Wayne.

The thing that gets me? Maybe Jim's call was innocent, maybe it was evil; I'm in no place to judge that. But the NRB set up an ethics committee to investigate, and the committee determined that Dobson was out of line. What did Dobson do in response to those Godly leaders?

WorldNetDaily: Dobson quits NRB board amid politics row

And evangelicals let this guy speak for them?!?

Hey, if you want to be a conservative lobbyist, fine. If you want to dupe innocent people into giving you money for your agenda, I can't stop you. But, for your eternal sake, I wouldn't suggest doing it in Christ's name!


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