Kirsten Kemp (from Property Ladder) was Kirsten Holmquist!

Now it makes so much more sense! After Ruth commented on her blog that Kirsten Kemp said she guest stared in some popular 80's sitcoms, I was confused that there was no sign of her out on the internet. But some dilligent sleuthing (by listing to Ruth and going to Kirsten's web site... and reading the main page instead of her bio) turned up the fact that her name used to be Kirsten Holmquist.

If you look for that, you find a lot more.

Now we just need to find some video clips or screen captures... Any Saved By The Bell fans out there with Season 1 (their "ninth grade" episodes) on DVD? Episodes 4 and 10 from that one, guys! Looking for the "Rhonda Robistelli" character...


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