The AdSense experiment Continues

Regular readers of my blog are going to be shocked (and perhaps appalled) at the new look-and-feel that I'm trying. Why, you ask, did I switch to such a feature-free template? It's all about the ads.

I had an epiphany as I was pondering the advice I got on one site or another. They said that blue links get the best hits (probably because folks are mentally programmed to click on blue links, since links have been blue since the invention of the Internet...) And I also read somewhere that the fewer ads you have on the page, the better off you are, because the hits your site provides have a higher click-through ratio. (Basically, you look better to advertisers, because it's not like just one out of 12 ads gets clicked; when there's a click, it's one out of four. So, statistically, you're "getting more clicks" which means your site is a hotter place to advertise on.)

Finally, I kept in mind the cardinal advice of AdSense, which is to make your ads blend into your content (which runs counter to the "blue link" theory, if your links aren't naturally blue...)

So I realized that I could limit my AdSense material to just a single text-based strip of ads with blue links... and, with the right tweaks to the template, they'd blend right in and be very enticing!

Now I just have to wait and see if it worked. Unfortunately, my Kari Byron pages don't load anything even remotely interesting to the typical Kari Byron fan...


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