"Arrest" does not equal "Conviction"

Came across an interesting story about putting photos of prostitutes and their "clients" on the web, to shame folks into staying legal. Sounds like a nice idea, but the author points out a "gripe" that I think is far, far more than that:

PJStar.com - Journal Star News: "Still, St. Paul still hears gripes. The biggest: if a hooker or john is cleared of a charge, there's no update on the Web site. A name stays forever smudged - a quandary not yet considered in the Peoria plan. Maybe the shame game will help. But if it's fair game to run mug shots on the Web, it's only fair to run corrections when needed."

The number of people in the world who think a mere arrest indicates confirmed guilt is more frightening to me than the number of high schoolers who don't think First Amendment rights are important! Eeek!


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