Kari Byron posts

What started out innocently enough as a passing mention of Kari Byron has turned into a theme for this blog; the more people come here off of Yahoo and MSN search results for Kari Byron, the more I talk about her. Here are some of my favorite Kari Byron posts:

(Note that some of the titles are pretty silly because they were posted while I was running Google Adsense on the blog as an experiment. What I discovered is that Kari Byron fans have particularly good taste in west-coast artists/actresses who specialize in science experiements... but they have no interest in clicking on advertising! So, no more ads... but the weird titles remain.)

UPDATE (June 2007): I've moved all my Kari Byron commentary over to a different site; you're welcome to browse around here... but for anything new, check out the Kari Byron category on att.ention.net.


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