Frustrated Webmasters and Google searches

While reading through some Google Sitemap information I came across this post and the following quote: "I've been a huge fan of Google since it's inception because it was Linux based and thorough. How much of the web have I missed out on by exclusively using Google? I guess I just have to accept that Yahoo is a superior search engine at this point. BUMMER! "

I couldn't agree more. If you really, really need to know something... use Yahoo! Google's results might be "better" in the sense they have less junk or SPAM postings or whatever... but you could be "better" too if you screened out most of what's out there.

Maybe we need to return to the days of Metacrawler, where you have a "meta search engine" that crawls the other search engines. I think Rob mentioned one that's newer, which turned up a Twilight Zone episode I was looking for. Maybe there are others out there as well?

BTW, I know the Google AdSense crawlers hit this blog just fine, because they find really weird things to reference in ads. (Say that something is "the best thing since sliced bread", and you'll start getting bread ads. I'm serious. Look around on here!) But it seems their "public results" are way different from their "AdSense results". Now, having private searches makes sense for things that you can't completely identify -- OCR on patents, voice recognition on podcasts, etc. But, hey, text is text -- if you're crawling it, then serve the results, right?


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