I love Feedburner!

Okay, it's one thing for a company to be supportive when you go to them for help... but it's another thing entirely when the company actually seeks out opportunities to help you! Wow!

(You'll note the comment to my test audioblogger post, below. Thanks to "jessiec" for the offer of help! And I've heard that other places, too -- Feedburner has awesome, friendly, prompt support. And, BTW, I'd visited the feedburner forums and found tons of information there, including some about audioblogger. The problem I was having was entirely on my end; it's a fact that Feedburner checks your first link to see if it's an audio file, and my template had made the first link always be to just the post itself, so Feedburner never saw that the second link was the one to the audio. They spell that out really clearly, and it makes total sense; I just forgot that my template would cause the title to be the link that Feedburner saw.)

A friend of mine and I were playing with RSS feeds with a PostNuke-based site last night, and the solution to all the problems was always "burn the feed with Feedburner, then...". And with all the options they offer, it was easy to play with the feed and see if our goofy system behaved better with RSS 1.0 vs. 2.0 vs. whatever.

Jon - using Feedburner, we can get your podcast up. Trust me. :)

Now, my only remaining "issues" with my audioblogging concept are with audioblogger and Blogger, and the fact that a new audio post comes in with no title/description/anything. But I have a feeling Feedburner might even be able to help me with that, if I can use it to inject appropriate text into the feed. (I remember that you can alter the name of the feed... but I don't know if you can alter anything about the items in the feed. Hmmm...)


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