Caught in a podcast timewarp!

I tried to do an update to my podcast ( Podcasts - DWEEB THOUGHTS) live from VBS last night, with horrible results because the cell phone cut out during the call. So I then did another update to apologize for the first update. The first one went through just fine, so I had apologizing to do. The second one took about twelve hours to appear. (Check out the dates on the post.)

They hit my initial blog in time (the one that "receives" the call and then bounces it to the real Ericast podcast feed, adding the title and date in the process). So, somewhere in the "bounce things through e-mail" process, something got delayed.

Unfortunately, that all happens on the back-end with the e-mail servers that are totally out of my control, so I can't even look into the process and see where it's getting hung up.

(I guess this is why people and institutions do their own hosting rather than using ASPs?)


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