Heard of the 'Emerging Church'?

This is really only for those who are interested in internal Christian church debates -- otherwise, reading through it will make your eyeballs bleed. But it's interesting stuff, in my opinion. One of the things out there in the Evangelical world today is something called the "emerging" (or "emergent") church. It's a move away from the traditional, programmed "church" feel that Evangelicals have done for years (even the big, hip churches like Saddleback or Willow Creek follow the same "program" of lively music, then slower music, then an offering, then a ~30 minute sermon, then a closing song and a benediction... usually).

Anyway, the "emerging church" is more about candles and dark rooms and... well, it's more than that. PBS did a really interesting special (on Religion and Ethics Weekly) -- I'll blog it at some point so you can read it. But, in the meantime, I've been reading a post on Justin Taylor's blog -- Between Two Worlds: A Frustration with Emergent. And a quote there that caught my eye for more reasons than the emerging/emergent debate; I'll have to ponder this one: "(M)any Emergent folks see 'humility' and 'certainty' as opposite ends of the spectrum. This certainly has some initial plausibility. But I wonder how biblical it really is. Jesus was the most humble man to ever walk the earth. I'd also say he was the most certain. "


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