feeding frenzy number 7 (or seven?) - Google Search

Okay, I just gotta try it. It doesn't turn up in a Google search, but Jay Leno just had a so-called "star" of... special films. Yeah. We'll leave it at that. A star of "special films" on his "Jay Walking" segment. It's the good dancer/bad dancer thing. Followed by a minister -- what a combo.

Anyway, this dancer's movie (I won't search for the other one, given its title) didn't turn up in Google. Think anyone else is going to search for it? :) If so... here you are!


Brett said…
I don't get it. Huh?
emlarson said…
My blog is actually indexed by Yahoo. It's only indexed by Google every third Tuesdays during a full moon, it seems, but Yahoo has it. And I get tons of Kari Byron posts. So when I did a mental double-take at Jay's "street dancing" segment and did a search (with Ruth's permission) for this film title, and found nothing... I realized that, if I could get that post indexed by Yahoo before The Tonight Show aired on the west coast, I might pick up some hits.

More hits, more ad impressions. More ad impressions, more clicks -- we hope.

It didn't happen, but it was worth a try -- especially to confuse friends of mine. :)

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