Doug Kaye and "The New Project"

Here's a link (Blogarithms - The New Project) that describes a concept that totally jazzes me. This is exactly the kind of thing I've been thinking of in a church-related context (which is simply a different kind of "presentation" or teaching). I'll be keeping my eye on this one!


Norman Larson said…
Do you have no control over the ads that appear on your Blog? I just saw one for "sexy girls and sexy guys"!
emlarson said…
My guess is, that ad showed up because of my Kari Byron post. The only filtering option I have is to specify that specific web sites don't show up -- that way, if I were Target, I could say "Don't show ads from Walmart". But, other than that, I actually don't have any control over the ads -- I just have to trust that Google will show something appropriate based what's in my blog.

And, hey, maybe that ad would bring in a bunch of money for me! :)

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