Eureka! A sign that makes sense!

Okay, I just figured it out! Thanks to this MHS Visual Resource Database Image, which I had originally overlooked.

The symbol on the "Coming Soon..." billboard is the same one that was on the sign! You can see it by looking at the other photos.

So? Well, if you look closely, that symbol represents the Mississippi River as it winds between Minneapolis and St. Paul. The horizontal curving line probably represents the coming I-94, and the vertical line represents Snelling Avenue (which was, and still is, a major artery).

Wow! All these years, and I never understood it! It all makes sense now!


Citizen O said…
I LOVE that database! About a year ago, I went to a number of locations in Edina, St Louis Park, and Minneapolis, and found where the photos were taken. I took an identical photo, and used photoshop to paste them side-by side in a single image. (There was a book based on this concept a few years ago).

After that, when I heard a particular building was marked for demolition or renovation, I would snap photos of the place. I have a whole lot of photos of the demolition of the old Edina City Hall... some photos even taken while crews were knocking it down (one week shy of the building's 50th anniversary).

But last summer, it seems like they stopped scanning in new photos, so I lost interest.

Oh, and you'd better watch your back, E.M. I think the MHS wants money when you publish their photos.


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