Kari Byron is the ultimate niche!

The flood has slowed to a trickle, but folks are still looking for Kari Byron information on my site -- probably because Yahoo has ranked me #8 and #10 (as of last night; I haven't checked today). The last person to look ran a search for "Kari Byron love", which is touching... in a sort of creepy way.

Anyway, folks say that the best podcast is one that targets a "niche market"... and I'm thinking that Kari Byron has got to be the ultimate niche market. Popular. Updated "content" (new Mythbusters episodes). Good target demographic.

Here's the problem: The people who come here looking for Kari Byron information (which is everyone, right now)... NEVER CLICK ADS! I'm serious. Despite the dozens (hundreds, maybe) of hits, we got one ad click in the past couple of days.

Which brings up another question: What do Kari Byron fans want to buy? What ad would inspire them? Hmmm...

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. . .

UPDATE (June 2007): I've moved all my Kari Byron commentary over to a different site; you're welcome to browse around here... but for anything new, check out the Kari Byron category on att.ention.net.


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